Hama "Privacy" Real Glass Display Protect. for Apple iPhone XS Max/11 Pro Max

On the train, on the tram or in a queue - there are people who can't take their eyes off your smartphone everywhere. Time to take action. Simply attach our privacy display glass and keep your content for your eyes only.

  • The privacy film integrated in the glass prevents undesired viewing of the display
  • Especially durable and sturdy screen protector made of toughened glass
  • Maximum scratch protection thanks to 10H Nano Tech coating
  • "Perfect touch" surface with anti-fingerprint coating
  • Attaches in an electrostatic way, therefore no adhesive needed, can be removed without leaving any residue
  • EASY-ON®: Attachment aids to simplify attaching the protective glass using an innovative EASY-ON® mounting frame
  • Antistatic microfibre cloth for cleaning the sensitive display
  • Case-friendly: Fits all cases, covers and sleeves thanks to the special design

Price on demand

Price on demand

Item No.: 00186297
GTIN: 4047443436337

The Terminator among glass display protectors

High-end complete protection

If a smartphone falls on stairs, stone floors or tiles, then the display is normally the first casualty. Instead of looking at a crystal-clear touchscreen, it ends up looking more like a spider’s web. Be on the safe side! With a glass display protector, scratches or even cracks on the sensitive smartphone screen are a thing of the past. Thanks to the extremely strong hardness level, your smartphone gets the highest protection.

Furthermore, with the integrated privacy film, the contents of the smartphone display are protected from the eyes of others. Whether you’re in a train, a waiting room, or in the queue at the supermarket checkout – thanks to the privacy film, no one but you can read and look at the content. If you want your smartphone to serve you longer without you having to handle it with kid gloves, you will get robust and durable protection with this protective glass.

Privacy shield for your private sphere

Whether you’re reading an article in a newspaper app, looking at holiday pictures from your friend on Instagram, or reading your business e-mails – what’s happening on your smartphone display is no one else’s business but yours. In the underground or in a queue, whether it’s news or sensitive data – your smartphone, your display, your contents. Thanks to the ‘Privacy’ glass display protector, it also remains this way: Glimpses from the side are not possible due to the privacy film integrated in the glass – the visual hacker then only sees a darkened screen. The contents on the smartphone display are only discernible when you look at them from the front.

Brightness of the display

Despite dual protection, the display loses nothing of its brilliance. Even with the additional privacy film, you do not have to alter the display brightness – hence, there is no increase in battery usage. Best readability, optimal contrast and realistic images remain guaranteed!


High-end smartphone with fingermarks on the display? That’s just not on! The Hama protective glass therefore has a perfect touch surface with anti-fingerprint coating. This reduces fingerprints and ensures a flawless appearance for longer.

Easy to fit thanks to mounting aid

With the ‘Easy-On Frame’, attaching the glass display protector has never been so easy! It allows you to position the protective glass precisely around the smartphone display edges so it sits perfectly at the first attempt, and the display is provided with top protection in record time.

Maximum protection for the display

With Hama protection class 11 (of 11), your smartphone is afforded the maximum possible display protection.

High-quality materials and the fit of the protective glass ensure that you can take the device with you everywhere without any need for concern: Beneath the protective glass, the display is totally safe from scratches, shocks and impacts.

The coating with its use of nanotechnology contributes to this: Here, 10H means that the glass is ten times harder than glass and would therefore withstand hammer blows, for instance. Extreme resistance to scratches and impacts is thus ensured.