Hama "Full Screen Curved" Display Protection Film for Samsung Galaxy S9

The high-tech, complete protection for the display of your Samsung Galaxy S9: This display protection film adapts completely to the curved design, protecting every corner of the front of the phone perfectly. Enjoy the sophisticated design of your smartphone without worrying!

  • Special 3D shaping for optimum fit; covers edges and curves
  • Highly transparent, ultra clear material in HD quality for outstanding brilliance
  • EASY-ON®: fixing aids for easy attachment of the protective film
  • Antistatic microfibre cloth for cleaning the sensitive display
  • Case-friendly: Fits all cases, covers and sleeves thanks to the special design

Price on demand

Price on demand

Item No.: 00178987
GTIN: 4047443379054

Full-screen display protector with 3D fit

If you love your mobile phone, protect it with a film display protector from Hama.

No matter how careful you are, it sometimes happens that, in a hurry, you simply stuff your smartphone into your trouser pocket (together with the house key), throw it into your handbag (which ought to have been tidied some time ago) or accidentally press against it with the studs on your jeans. Either you are unlucky, and from now on the smartphone will be adorned with micro-scratches or you have fitted a display film.

The ‘Full-Screen Curved’ film protects not only the active display area – thanks to rounded edges, it protects the entire display. Thus you can take the device with you everywhere without any need for concern.


High protection for the display

With Hama protection class 7 (of 11), your smartphone is afforded outstanding protection against the ordeals of everyday life: Whether you like to keep the device in your trouser pocket together with small change and keys, often work with input pens, or are generally a ‘heavy smartphone user’ – the display remains intact beneath the film.


Perfect brilliance

Highly transparent ultra-clear material ensures that colours, contours and the smallest details appear just as if the display were bare. Thus, your smartphone display is afforded effective protection without constraints on appearance and new screen technologies.


Full-Screen Curved protection

As well as covering the entire active area of the display, Full-Screen Curved protective films also protect the rounded edges. The film is rigid and preformed, in order that it also fits perfectly around the display edges.

In addition, the ‘case-friendly’ design ensures that the display protector can also be used in combination with a mobile phone case without compromising the secure fit of the case or film. This way you create the perfect duo to help your smartphone reach its maximum lifespan.


Easy to fit thanks to attachment aids

Thanks to ‘Easy-On’ attachment aids, fitting the display film is very easy and convenient. You set the position of the film with small adhesive strips, and then you simply flip it around onto the display. The film is immediately in the correct position.