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Smart Home

Makes life even more comfortable

Our idea of the smart home – your benefits

Smart elements for the home do not have to be complicated. Our mission is to offer simple solutions that allow you to make your home intelligent – and turn it into a place where you feel comfortable – bit by bit.

With our smart home products, you can design your home intelligently even after renovation or new construction, so that everyday processes run automatically. The installation and operation of the smart home gadgets is very easy - even when you are on the go.

More time for the truly important things in life

Full control of your home

A safe feeling in a secured home

Reduce energy usage and save money

Smart Living

Control all our smart living products, such as WLAN surveillance cameras, smart home lights and motion detectors, very easily by app or voice commands. It doesn’t matter whether you use Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant – our intelligent home control works with both systems.



More Ambience

Light on, light off – we offer the right lighting for your entire home. You can use all our lamps and lights as light sources, effect lighting or to create special lighting atmospheres. Let yourself be illuminated by our smart lighting range!

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More Comfort

WLAN sockets, retrofit switches and the like – whether you opt for an uncomplicated plug-in or a flush-mounted solution: You control your electronic devices, such as floor lamp, TV or radio, effortlessly by app or voice command. An upgrade with smart home functions can be so simple!

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More Secureness

Our smart home systems for more security protect your house, courtyard and garden, and therefore also your family. Motion detectors, door/window contacts and the like send automatic push notifications to your smartphone. Our retrofittable alarm systems allow you to keep an eye on your home, helping you to feel safe and secure.

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Smart Heating Control

Smart Heating Control

Better Climate

After a long winter walk, who wouldn’t want to return to a warm, cosy home? With our smart heating controls, it’s very easy. You can set when and where the heating is to come on, even when you are not at home.

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Hama "Smart Home" app

The Hama Smart Home app allows you to conveniently control your smart home using your smartphone or tablet. Even setting up new devices only takes a few steps using the app.

Create a free account.

Easily add new devices from the device overview (+).

Installing the Wi-Fi lamp consists of just a few stages.

Control the lamp via speech or App.

All this is Hama Smart Home

1. Ease of use

Simple control for maximum ease of use

Our smart home devices are easy to put into operation and easy to use. For greater ease in controlling the devices, we have developed an app – it provides an overview of all connected devices and gives you full control, wherever you are.

2. Retrofittable

No building work required

Easily add smart products from our extensive range, step by step, to your home. The possibilities here are endless and the integration of new products is particularly simple.

3. Compatible

Can be combined with other smart products

Hama Smart Home products are compatible with Alexa, Ok Google and Siri Shortcuts. Our lighting, heating control, switch and socket products can also be added to the Bosch Home Connect Plus app. Expand your smart home with various products and enjoy full functionality.

4. Gateway-free

Simple and affordable

Many smart home applications on the market require the use of an additional component as a bridge/gateway to enable them to communicate over your network. Our smart home products do not require this additional hub. This simplifies installation and lowers the purchase price.

5. Simple

Control by app

The app enables you to control and monitor your home using your smartphone or tablet from anywhere – at home or away; for example, open the garage door on entering your driveway if you have a motion detector.

6. Intuitive

Control with your voice

You can conveniently communicate your wishes to the respective smart home device by voice command without having to use your smartphone or get up; for example, switch the lamp on and off.

There’s no place like home! It’s where your family, partner and beloved pet are – the place where you feel comfortable. If this home can also think, then your everyday life becomes easier and you have more time for the things that really matter. For this reason, app- and voice-controllable smart home systems, such as lighting, motion detectors or alarm systems, are increasingly being included in new-build homes. But what if the home is not a new-build property but an existing home? If you have already built your nest, you can still enjoy all the benefits of smart innovations.

Our smart home products enable you to design your home intelligently even after it has been renovated or built, so that everyday processes are performed automatically. Installation and operation of the smart home gadgets are extremely simple – including remotely.

Accessories for Smart Home Assistants