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Clean and fresh air

Breathe deeply with the indoor climate devices from hama

No matter when or where we are – we are constantly surrounded by air and breathing it in and out. The quality of the air varies, depending on where you are. Good, fresh air improves your physical well-being and is one of the main factors for good health.

The majority of the German population spends more than 90% of the time in enclosed spaces, where the air inhaled is not always of the best quality.

Particularly in rooms that do not have a constant supply of fresh air, different types of pathogens can quickly multiply. This allows infections, mould spores and gases to have an easy time of it.

Pollutants living rent-free in your home right now…

Mite droppings

Animal hair


House dust





Exhaust gases

Thanks to the indoor climate devices, you no longer need to be concerned about this topic, and can spend the day in the office, or at home, with an easy mind and able to fully concentrate. Did you know that a person breathes in approximately 10,000 litres of air per day? So why not make sure you’re breathing in air of the best quality?

To prevent poor air from arising indoors in the first place, there is a wide range of air purifiers that impress in various aspects. With its powerful three-stage filtration, our ‘Smart’ air purifier, for instance, filters out all unwanted pollutants. This results in a healthy indoor climate for greater well-being. As the name suggests, this air purifier can be controlled by app.

Air purifier for allergy sufferers

During the pollen season, air purifiers can provide welcome relief to allergy sufferers. After all, pollen is not only present outside in nature, but also gets into our interior spaces. From the first pollen dispersal in spring right through to the summer months, we are confronted with pollen from various trees, types of grain and grasses. Symptoms of an allergic reaction include frequent sneezing, a blocked nose, itchiness and streaming eyes.

An air purifier can remove unwanted pollen from the indoor air. The pollen is caught in the air purifier’s filter, and the filtered, pollen-free air is released back into the room. The air purifier provides a breath of fresh air in our indoor spaces!

Would you like even more freshness?
Discover our air freshener and air quality measuring devices.

Here you will find air quality measuring devices, as well as fans. Ensure a pleasant climate for your home or the office.

Discover our air freshener and air quality measuring devices now