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Wireless freedom with Bluetooth audio

Music on – world off

By now, most people have their favourite songs on their smartphones and tablets or play them from music streaming services. As a result, they have their music available everywhere and all the time. Mobile data gives total flexibility and listening freedom – summertime hits at the lake, salsa at the garden party, and lounge for sunning on the balcony. But the thing that smartphones and tablets can’t provide is really good sound. Luckily there are Bluetooth speakers for that which can do great sound and – thanks to wireless transfer technology – at no cost to freedom.

Goodbye cable spaghetti, hello freedom!

If you’re listening to music while doing sports or simply don’t want to let everyone hear what you’re listening to, our Bluetooth headphones give you the same experience of total freedom of movement.

Bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones

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Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers

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Bluetooth headphones

Simply immerse yourself in your own world.

Advantages at a glance

  • total freedom of movement: no bothersome cables
  • optimized fit: ergonomically shaped with special ear clips
  • perfect for doing sports: resistant to sweat and water splashes

The rhythm in your ear

You can more easily free your mind through sports if you have the right soundtrack. Tiresome cables that swing around with your every step just bother you. That is why we favour a wireless transfer. In fact, we go a step further and leave out even the cable connecting the two earphones: Bluetooth at its best!

Bluetooth plus: Anything is possible!

Many of our Bluetooth headphones are resistant to water splashes, whether you’re jogging through rain and mud or strolling in a summer shower, so you never have to do without your favourite songs. If you have your business mobile along, you can pair the headphones to both private and business mobiles. And your business calls will be made in crystal-clear HD quality. Of course, all of this works just fine when you’re comfortably lounging about on the sofa, too. Because who wants to get tangled up with cables?

Bluetooth speakers

Celebrate together and enjoy life.

Advantages at a glance

  • powerful rechargeable battery: charges quickly, lasts a long time
  • full sound: up to 20 watts of music power
  • integrated hands-free feature: phoning made easy

Simply paint the town red on the go

When spending time with friends at the lakeside or in the city park, you can simply leave the strains of everyday life behind. It’s good to have a Hama Bluetooth speaker with you, to set the stage for your new favourite song.

We design our speakers with clever features such as splash resistance, integrated hands-free functionality, and swim rings to give you the soundtrack for lounging about on your air bed or inflatable island.

Our broad range truly has something for everyone. Whether you need a sturdy speaker for freeletics exercises or for the pool, we have the perfect solution for you.

Hit the right note at home

At home, too, music keeps the mood up, whether it’s your favourite songs in your favourite chair, popular hits with your flatmates, or calm background music in your home office. With their elegant design, the Bluetooth speakers create a wow factor in your home and deliver the right sound experience.

Here, too, our speakers have great extra features to offer, such as integrated hands-free functionality, charging using the Qi standard, and quick activation via NFC technology.