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Selfie accessories for action and sport shots

For the perfect selfie

Selfie Stick

Selfie Stick

The perfect thing for extending your reach and getting un-blurred photos
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Whether you’re climbing, skiing, exploring the out of doors, or at a concert, selfies are the perfect way to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments and unbelievable situations – and share them with others. So... whip out your smartphone and snap a pic? Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to capture the entirety of the situation. It’s often hard to get the whole group into the picture with the camera only at arm’s length. But with our selfie sticks and accessories, that’s all in the past.

The products can be combined perfectly with one another and can be bought individually or as a set.


What’s the hype about selfies? Well, it all started with people snapping spontaneous, funny self-portraits. But in the meantime, selfie photography has become almost an art form in itself. Spontaneity is still important, but these days a selfie is much more than that. They’ve developed from being spontaneous souvenir photos to being the way to present oneself to the world. Look different every day – new makeup, new outfit, like a model – and show it off to let others be a part of it. Boring holiday photos of landmarks? Unthinkable. It only works as a selfie with the most important people from the travel group.

And to get that shot perfect, you need more than just your smartphone. For one thing, our selfie sticks and accessories create room to get more impressions into the picture, and for another, they guarantee un-blurred pictures since you can hold the camera still much better. Since nowadays it’s also possible to take selfies with a digital camera or an action cam like the GoPro, the stick can be combined with other terminal devices as well by means of a screw mount.



Good lighting is essential for taking good photos, since shadows can be unattractive and unflattering. It’s best to take your selfie with a light source directly in front of you, such as standing in front of the window.


The background needs to stay where it belongs – behind you. That means it shouldn’t be too eye-catching so that it doesn’t outshine the focus of the photo – namely, you. Choose an unobtrusive background or a nice-looking landscape. That will help show you to best advantage.


You need to be comfortable, so present yourself well, but authentically. As far as makeup is concerned, remember: less is more! The camera makes some makeup disappear, but that doesn’t mean you should cake yourself with it. Natural and authentic – that’s how to come across best! That’s how people know you and that’s how you actually are.


Once the pic is taken, of course you can still pimp it a bit. There are various suitable selfie apps.

Instagram – free of charge / for iOS and Android

Instagram makes it easy to share pictures and videos, and touch them up with filters and other tools. It’s simple to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, focus, shadows, and so on. You can upload your photos and videos – edited or not – and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social networks with just a few clicks. Applying the right hashtags will help the pictures go further and reach more people.

Facetune – subject to a fee / for iOS and Android

Facetune provides a multitude of tools for turning your snapshot into a professional portrait. Maybe you want to give yourself the perfect smile, or flawless skin, or make the colour of your lips more vibrant. It’s much easier to do it with Facetune than with Photoshop. The nicest feature of Facetune is the brighten function. It turns yellowed pictures nice and white. This function is also perfectly suited for mood photos.

YouCam Perfect – free of charge / for Android and iOS

YouCam Perfect is a real gem. Whether it’s a selfie or a group shot, this camera app lets you create the perfect photo in a flash, as if by magic. It makes photo editing into child’s play. Directly after taking the picture, it’s enhanced by automatic correction. Numerous tools are available to help you further optimise your pics. You can even remove undesirable elements from the photo. Masking and rotating pictures is also no problem. Of course you can also immediately share the pictures. This app does it all.

Perfect365 – free of charge / iOS and Android

This app is wonderful for making small image corrections to the face. For example, it can be used to hide circles under the eyes. The app has an automatic face-recognition feature, which makes the work considerably easier.

Pocketbooth – subject to a fee / for iOS and Android

This app brings retro charm to your pictures by turning them into the photo strips you get from an automatic photo booth – on your smartphone or tablet. The app is dead easy to use and provides various filter options. You can even choose amongst various varieties of paper and frames to make your photo strip utterly unique. This is an absolute must-have for anyone who loves photo booth pictures!

Frontback – free of charge / for iOS and Android

Frontback allows you to create wonderful selfie collages. This camera app captures a single moment from different perspectives. It’s like turning two photos into one and posting it. It lets you take a selfie and at the same time show what’s happening around you. And then you can easily share your pictures as usual. The possibilities are endless.

VSCOCam – free of charge / for iOS and Android

Use VSCOCam not just for selfies, but rather for all your pictures. This app allows you to set (or retouch) the contrast, saturation and lighting. It can also straighten and crop pictures. One very nice filter is called F2. This app further improves the quality of your pictures.

Camera+ – subject to a fee / for iOS

Camera+ is the finishing touch for your photo editing. In order to give your Facebook, Instagram, and other photos a touch of something in common, this app lets you apply a thin frame to each of them. The app is also perfectly suited for making one last adjustment or applying the final filter. But usually it’s used for its frame function.

You can download these apps from the Google Play Store (Android) or iTunes (Apple).

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