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HD televisions are at their best when you use high-quality cables.


Good shielding ensures that disturbances in the form of electromagnetic interference (caused by a mobile phone or W-LAN, for example) are suppressed. Poorly made cables often provide less shielding – or sometimes no shielding whatsoever.

Cable with poor shielding

The shielding does not reach the actual plug. The result: the signal is susceptible to external interference and is no longer intact when it reaches its destination.

Hama Cable

All Hama cables are shielded against electromagnetic interference right up to the tip of the plug. External interference cannot affect the cable.

Gold-plated plugs

Nickel-plated contacts

Nickel-plated contacts can oxidise quickly. The result: the signal is significantly attenuated. This can cause picture disturbances, and can even lead to a complete loss of picture.

Gold-plated contacts

Gold-plated contacts provide a secure electrical connection and ensure optimum signal transmission.


Purest materials of superior quality

If a cable is made of low-quality materials, interference like smearing effects and jerky pictures may be the result. For this reason only materials of superior quality (e.g. purest copper) are used for Hama cables. Secure data flow and optimum pictures are therefore guaranteed.

  1. Gold-plated contacts and plugs

    Gold is very corrosion-resistant and does not oxidize as quickly as e.g. silver which means that gold-plated plugs function reliably for many years. Moreover, contact resistance remains low with gold-plated plugs.

  2. Metal plug

    Robust, high-quality plug with an elegant, new design.

  3. Kink protection

    Protects cables and plugs from strain especially from being kinked, broken or squeezed. The kink protection sheath is nevertheless elastic and flexible enough to allow cables to be bent or compressed to a certain extent.

  4. Fabric jacket

    A fabric jacket protects cables from abrasion, kinks and light radiation. A cable with a woven jacket is therefore more resistant against external environmental influences and more durable.

  5. Ferrite core

    Ferrite core for decimating remaining interference and for good signal transmission.

  6. TPE material

    TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) is a flexible, environmentally friendly material. It is completely recyclable, has rubber-like characteristics and is as elastic as rubber which makes laying the cable easy!

  7. Shielding

    Shielding is an electrically conductive protective sheath that surrounds a transmission medium. As far as cable shielding is concerned one distinguishes between foil and braided shielding and a combination of both types. Foil shielding is more efficient with higher frequencies, braided shielding with lower ones.


There is a difference!

Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you believe in this principle, you should only use high-quality cables to connect your high-quality home cinema components. If you use low-quality cables, there may be some loss of quality in the signal.

For this reason you should attach great importance to the following quality standards:

  1. Efficient shielding
  2. Gold-plated contacts
  3. High-quality materials inside

With Hama cables you can be sure that these quality criteria are fulfilled

Intelligent Cable Solutions

They solve space problems, prevent cable breakage and are ideal for the lateral connections of TV sets.