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uRage gaming keyboards – gaming enjoyment perfected

Precise and durable gaming keyboards are essential for a true pro gamer.

The uRage gaming keyboards are ideally suited for first-person shooters (FPS), real-time strategy games (RTS), role playing games (RPGs) and massively multi-player online games (MMOs).

Anti-ghosting effect

All keyboards come with anti-ghosting and ensure optimal game performance. With the n-key rollover, you can perform various actions at the same time, as several keys can be pressed simultaneously. This way, you always maintain full control and your commands are executed successively.

Up to 50 million keystrokes

The switches of our mechanical keyboards enable a precise keystroke and an extremely high input speed.

Fast actuation

As the actuation and reset points are exactly the same, even more actuations are possible at crazy speeds, ensuring optimum performance particularly with very fast games.

Our hero gaming keyboard: the ‘uRage 3rgo 1H’

Trigger commands at lightning speed

It’s time for u to rage: The uRage ‘3rgo 1H’ keyboard scores points with its mechanical keys. The blue switches incorporated in the keyboard provide tactile feedback and a clearly audible click sound. It’s almost as if your commands happen faster than you can click. The keyboard is therefore very well suited for strategy games, shooters and MMORPGs.

Everything under control with one hand

Arm yourself with our mobile gaming keyboard, the uRage ‘3rgo 1H’ with a one-handed design. This gives you full game control with one hand! The keyboard has been reduced to the 29 most important keys for gaming.

Never grope in the dark

Gaming all night long? With the Night Vision mode in RGB colours, you can personalise the colour settings. Adjust the lighting to suit your own preferences – you have 16.8 million colours available to you.

Insider tip for our game console enthusiasts: The keyboard is compatible with Fortnite on the PS4!