Hama Universal Smartphone Bike Holder for Devices 6-8 cm Wide and 13-15 cm High

When you're here, there and everywhere with a bike, a satnav is very helpful. But where to put it? Our mobile phone holder for bikes means you can use your smartphone as a satnav. Attached to the handlebars, you're always headed in the right direction on your mountainbike tour.

  • Flexible silicone holder for easy insertion and removal of the smartphone
  • Easy mounting on the handlebar thanks to individually adjustable rubber band

Price on demand

Price on demand

Item No.: 00183250
GTIN: 4047443393937

Enjoy Outdoor Living?

On Tour with the Universal Bicycle Smartphone Holder

Tired of stopping or cycling one-handed to search for your smartphone in your backpack? Time to get a bicycle smartphone holder! Like helping the environment and keeping fit by travelling the city by bike? Overcome your navigational challenges: the bicycle smartphone holder lets you keep your phone in sight at all times. The rubber fastener with adjustable loop makes it easy to attach your smartphone to your handlebar.

Take It Off-Road!

Roots, hills and branches can easily throw off your sense of direction. The silicone holder provides a secure grip for navigating with your smartphone. Jolts and impacts as you travel over roots and bumps no longer pose a risk to your phone.

Always On!

Cycling to work but need to keep updated? The handlebar holder lets you stay accessible on your bike and means your smartphone is always in reach and in view so you can ready yourself for any situation, while safely keeping your attention on the road!